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oil on board
framed size 62.5 cm w x 86cm h

Orange Landscape
'Cave painting'
oil on stitched canvas, board mounted

acrylic on textured board
18"w x 24"h

'Abstract Waves'
oil on board

'Vanitas gravitas'
oil on canvas

'Butterflies' sold
acrylic on board


oil on canvas

'Adam & Eve'
acrylic on board (other versions and canvas prints available)
18"w x 24"h

acrylic on board

' sold
oil on canvas

' Meditation'
acrylic on canvas

Landscape for the modern child'
oil on canvas NFS
36" w x 40"h

acrylic on canvas
42"w x 32"h

'Venice' sold
acrylic on canvas

collage and acrylic

'Bright Landscape'
acrylic on canvas
115cm x80cm

'Nightscape'  oil on board
16" x 20"

'Time and Separation'
triptych; acrylic on board

'Notice Board'
assemblage of doodles


'Untitled - 23'   oil on canvas

'the Silk Road' Dyptich sold
acrylic on board
80cm w x 66cm

'Abstracted Landscape'

dentists chair
'After Image:in the dentist's chair'
acrylic on board 24" x 46"

'Human Landscape'
oil on canvas  

'Sue' sold
oil on canvas 80cm x 55cm

another wildwood
'Enchanted Forest'
'Tree'   on canvas 39cm w x 80cm

'Cuts & Stills'
acrylic and oil on slashed canvas

  afterimage national gallery
'After-image:National Gallery'
oil on board
45cm x 61cm

after image 3
'After-image III'

3D painting
'Spatial Painting IV'

'Chinese Landscape' sold

'Wood for the Trees'

'Tuffley Bridge'

'Tuffley Trees'

' Birch Trees I '  nfs

I work in a variety of ways, so if I must wear a label let it read, 'Reactive painter'. I react to the diverse possibilities contained within a single idea, or to the opportunities presented by the random application of paint upon a surface. The images that emerge are the starting point for the finished painting. Usually paintings begin as abstracts from which I 'pull' a figurative form, but sometimes the reverse is true. It depends on my reaction to the ideas and images that form in my mind, or on the painted surface as I work.