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David Hughes paintings GALLERY 1

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DRAWINGS gallery 1


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another artists storm
  endeavor, as artists do
harriets green
temple wood
dutch girl  
kitchen cupboard

David Hughes paintings GALLERY 2
paintings GALLERY 1       DRAWINGS gallery 1        

old drawing board
old drawing board
"TEMPLE" bearing ravages
of time. 95% cuts &
marks were 'found'.

rusty strips
"ALTAR" with large buried
canvas(4'x 5')just visible
at base of  6' tall
rusted metal strips

then placed in gutted room.

'alter the altar'
shown at St.Nicholas's church,
in Westgate Street, Gloucester;
an exhibition throughout JULY 2006
featuring 3-D and relief artwork
which was intended to
empathise with the space

detail of buried damp canvas retrieved (after
3 days) from foot of
"ALTAR". white marks are
residue of wet earth and gravel.

paper 24" x 19" nfs

'pink' sold
ink/oil on canvas
40" x 17"

'stone' sold
acrylic on board
24" x 18"

'lace wood'sold
acr/ink on canvas
45" x 17.5"

'water' sold
90cm x 45cm

acr/oil on board
85cm x 70cm

bronzetrees sold
acrylic on board
60" x 31"

bronze 2
acrylic on board
33"x 44"
“….’for ‘Eve’, my blind ground came from putting 3 of my drawings of 2 models from the life room in a pile, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath then tore the drawings up four or five times. I was happy with the drawings, I was sacrificing my best so it took a lot of faith . A large aspect of my work is about process, and that process involves chance and it’s reflection of life. I switch back and forth from waste materials (rusty panels, old doors), to creating blind grounds usually in paint on canvas or board, although sometimes I’ll work in 3d, sometimes I just use the traditional. More often than not, the most unlikely grounds yield the best results. If I’m really lucky, I get a worthwhile narrative as well. I recycle what doesn’t work and try again, or occasionally if I need to, I regain control with a heavier balance of the traditional. ”
  The buried canvas was allways an object designed to be found. Originaly created by David in 1985 the painting has a bizarre history, only part of which we relate here. In 1985 it was first placed by the artist above the urinals of a art school toilet on the eve of an exhibition. Early next morning it was rescued by the exhibition curator and hung from the exhibition ceiling just in time for the opening. For the next few years it was used as a rug. In 1989 when the artist became homeless, the work was lost. Years later it was rediscovered in an attic and returned to the artist. It was Exhibited at Blackfriars Priory in 2001 as part of a work called Altar, the painting was buried at the foot of the three seven foot tall pieces of rusty metal that formed the main part of the work. Battered and worn, the painting survived for a while as a wall hanging. It was reborn again, to be reinterpreted as part of an installation work at the GANet "St Nick's" Fabrications exhibition 2006, allthough this time the detritus including palm crosses and confetti protruding from underneath the canvas was the main theme of the work. " Resurrecting the redundant, rescuing, reinterpreting, reinventing and being reborn from lifes rejections and and mostly wrongly presumed and assumed failures is...? "

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